Stergiadis Fotis

Στεργιάδης Φώτης
Fotis Stergiadis was born in Veria in 1964. He started working in the field of dental technology in 1979. After several years of experience and knowledge, in 1996, he established his own dental laboratory, the "Dental Technology Application Center." Simultaneously, he continued to receive training alongside reputable professionals in the field, constantly attending educational practical and theoretical seminars. This included training from Mr. Floros Konstantinos, an expert in metal-ceramic art, and from the company IVOCLAR-VIVADENT® on the all-ceramic system e-max, among others. As the evolution of dental technology never stops, he continues to educate himself and refine his knowledge.

Stergiadis Triantafyllos

Στεργιάδης Τριαντάφυλλος
Triantafyllos Stergiadis was born in Veria in 1985. His involvement in dental technology began gradually from his early adolescence, assisting his father in the laboratory. He studied Dental Technology at the Technological Educational Institute of Athens (ATEI Athens). Since 2009, he has been an active member of the "Dental Technology Application Center." He continues to receive training by attending practical and theoretical seminars, including significant ones such as a) the theoretical and practical seminar on the all-ceramic system e-max at the IVOCLAR-VIVADENT® factory in Liechtenstein, b) the theoretical and practical seminar by IVOCLAR-VIVADENT® on dentures, the BPS system.

Our Philosophy

The Dental Technology Application Center is open to any kind of technological challenge that may arise in the future because stagnation signifies the end of creation, and the evolution of the profession is rapid.

Our goal is for every work to achieve the best results aesthetically, qualitatively, and technically. We achieve this by relying on teamwork, impeccable collaboration among team members, as well as with our collaborating dentists.




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